We have the experience and expertise to make your restaurant shine!

Beyond Cleaning Services has extensive experience cleaning many types of restaurant facilities, from formal dining to casual dining to bars and taverns and more.

Maintaining the cleanliness of a restaurant is of the utmost importance, more so than with offices or other facilities, because customers spend time in the restaurant every day, and the consequences of having a less than exceptionally clean restaurant will be immediately felt. What’s more, strict health code standards regarding cleanliness must be upheld, or the restaurant could face fines or even having to close its doors. Beyond

Cleaning Services recognizes this. Our high standards and fierce commitment to consistent quality ensure that your restaurant looks and is exceptionally clean, every time.

Areas of restaurants that Beyond Cleaning Services typically serves include, but are not limited to:

• Kitchen           • Lounge Area          • Main Grill Line          • Dining Area         

• Salad Station          • Restrooms          • Bar Area